Orgins of "The MvMnT"

Orgins of "The MvMnT"

Posted by Rashad Lofton on Aug 2nd 2017

1st ever Blog !!! Enjoy 

            "Its either Ball or get Balled On" became a motivational quote all around the world in countries like USA, Spain, Germany and many more. It has reached athletes at all levels from kids in grade school sports, collegiate sports and even adults in professional sports!

            The quote came about In a video posted to my Instagram account @Lord_RDL. The video was recorded moments/minutes before our first game of the season. I had been having my friends record videos of me before every game in the prior year. This was literally just another video, new game. In no way was I trying to flex, "Do the most" or gain any attention. I had posted these types videos before on my social media and they didn't get any special amount of views, yet I still posted them! This was just Rashad being Rashad .

 For some reason this video went viral in the sports world of social media bringing in millions of views around the world. 

When the video was posted I had 3000 followers and overnight gain 1000 and then it just kept going! I received all types of messages from random people good and bad. 

            Positivity prevails over negativity, and I decided to use the positive light god shined down on me for good. I turned it into a positive movement because of all of the positive testimonies I received. In the messages received they talked about how they were so inspired and how they support that I am doing. I have always wondered what exactly is my purpose here on earth and I feel that I may have finally found out what it is! I think my natural gift is the power of influence. I have a natural ability to influence people for the better! I want to influence people all over the world to be better in life at whatever they pursue!

             Everyday people in life struggle only because they are not working hard enough. They are not properly prepared for the obstacles coming their way! Everyone wants to succeed, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to succeed. On the other hand you have people who are willing to do what it takes but..... they don't even know where to start, they don't know how to take the first step! The first step is Believing !!! this is where I come into play I am going to work and try my best to find new ways to influence people everyday to believe in themsleves!

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